Electronic Leak Detection

Leak Locate

To detect hidden leaks, often times you require the skill set of a trained plumber.  With our team of professionals and our leak detection equipment we have saved homeowners, and business owners, money on their utility bills and reduced the gallons of water we also help you prevent costly property damage.

Here at Reidhead Plumbing , we understand that unexpected pipe damage can happen due to corrosion, poor installation, or knocking pipes. If it goes unattended, the problem worsens and damages your property as well as making future repairs more expensive.

We take a pride when it comes to leak locating in your plumbing system. We can even help restore your pipes to pristine conditions.

We have trained professional’s who with the help of our equipment we are able to pinpoint and detect leaks in diverse plumbing systems. Whether it’s a commercial property or residential Reidhead Plumbing is your company.


Here at Reidhead we don’t just locate our techs are professional plumbers.  Our methods are non evasive . The quicker we are able to find a leak, the quicker we can make the repair, saving you money and preventing further property damage. Discoloration and even mold can grow in an environment where water and humidity is constant. If you have a leak, water can be present around drywall, wood, carpet and many other  material. 

We use electronic leak detection  equipment for finding and fixing hidden leaks at great accuracy. call us today.

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